Sorataesa is the name, in the dialect of the region, of the lands of the Westmarch south of the rivers Maloth and Kazak. Though the lands are supposedly under the domain of the Kings of Baldrais, the reality is that these lands behave more or less independently of the kingdom. While some taxes are paid, most of the wealth generated is kept in the area, away from the prying eyes of the king’s men.

The people of Sorataesa see themselves as more cultured than the rest of the Westmarch (or the rest of the world). It is true that many of the best alchemists, scholars and artists are from Sorataesa, but the rest of the world often sees them as both stuck-up nobles and remorseless killers, from whose knives no one’s back is safe. If the honor of a Sorataesan is offended, it is possible that they will stop at nothing to affect the most brutal of revenges.

The largest city in Sorataesa is Valatera, a bustling metropolis of commerce, study and scheming. The land is thick with subterfuge, conspiracies, secret societies and assassinations, with huge sums of treasure, positions of power, and occult knowledge often on the line.

The weather of Sorataesa is markedly more Mediterranean than the rest of the Westmarch, with higher temperatures common.


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